Proficiency Testing

Routine Environmental Analyses:

Paracel has participated in CALA’s proficiency testing (PT) program since 1985. CALA PT is supplemented through participation in PT programs offered by other companies or organizations accredited as PT providers.  The PT participation is required as support for the Company's Scopes of Accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025.

PT samples span the scope of environmental testing including organics and inorganics in a variety of matrices.

Microbial Analyses:

Paracel has been recognized as AIHA Environmental Microbiology Proficiency Analytical Testing (EMPAT) participants since 1999 and remains one of its longest standing participants. Paracel meets all of the laboratory selection criteria pursuant to the Canada Labour Code, Part II, for the identification of microbials in indoor air for the Workplace Health and Public Safety Programme (WHPSP). We are also one of the most experienced Canadian laboratories in the identification of fungi to species level and our microbial analysis is accredited through CALA.

Bacteria Analyses:

Paracel participates in semi-annual proficiency studies for bacteria including Escherichia coli, total and fecal coliforms, and heterotrophic plate count in water through CALA.