Downloadable Documents

Paracel is committed to providing complete support to our clients. Several of our common forms and informational documents have been included for your perusal. Suggestions are always welcome, if you feel there is something additional we can provide, please submit your suggestions via our Information Request Form.

Laboratory Request Documentation

Bottle and Supply Order Form - October 2012 (Excel)

Bottle and Supply Order Form - October 2012 (PDF)

Chain of Custody - Environmental

Chain of Custody - Asbestos

Asbestos Chain of Custody - Instructions

Chain of Custody - Drinking Water (Regulated and Non-Regulated)

Chain of Custody - Blank

Chain of Custody  (Blank) Fillable e-signature

Laboratory Accreditation Certificates and Scopes

CALA Certificate of Accreditation: Ottawa

CALA Scope of Accreditation: Ottawa

CALA Certificate of Accreditation:  Mississauga

CALA Scope of Accreditation: Mississauga

CALA Certificate of Accreditation: Hamilton 

CALA Scope of Accreditation: Hamilton 

Element Web Documents

Element Web User Guide

Element Web Administrator Form

Element Web Registration Form

Informational Documents

Asbestos in Vermiculite

Bulk Asbestos Analysis

Mold Fact Sheet

Recommended Reading & References - Mold Information

Regulation 153/04 (2011) VOCs in Soil Sampling Protocol 

Regulation 153/04 (2011) MOE Clarification on Field and Analytical Requirements

Species Ecology List

Stachybotrys chartartum ELISA Introduction

Accessibility Plan

Paracel Accessibility Plan 


QuickTake 15 Pump - Mould Sampling